Viking Whetstone Sharpening Necklace

$32.00 $34.00

Incredible utility sharpening tool with 4 different grind shapes.  Excellent reviews and hard to keep in stock.  Get yours today!  You will not be disappointed.

The Patented Viking Whetstone Pendant modernizes a traditional Viking tool using world-famous genuine Arkansas Novaculite. Designed as a great general-purpose fieldstone for knife-edge maintenance, with a medium fineness (600-800 relative grit size). Each stone is carefully chosen, hand-cut, ground, and drilled. Each Whetstone Pendant is hand-tied using a unique knot that we call the “Napoleon Claw” and inspired by Viking/Celtic knot-work


  • Rounded Edge - Spoon/Hook Knives, Gouges, Seatbelt Cutters, Fingernail Cutters, Concave Blades, Large Serrations
  • Beveled Edge - Saws, Deburring, Small Serrations 
  • Hook Groove - Hooks, Needles, Awls, Spearpoints, Gigs
  • Flat Lap - General purpose for Plain Edge Fixed or Folding Blades

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