SOL Emergency Shelter Kit

$19.95 $28.95

Designed to provide reliable shelter in a pocket-sized package, the Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Shelter Kit is an excellent addition to any loadout. Always be prepared to survive an unexpected night out, whether in a drenching rain or blowing snowstorm.  With this ultra-light emergency shelter kit you will always be able to stay dry and warm in almost any weather.  This kit comes with a Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket, Aluminum C-Stakes, Cord, micro-cord tensioners, and most-importantly, shelter-building instructions.


  • Heavy Duty Heat Reflective Blanket: At 96 in. x 60 in., this 2.5 mil blanket is larger, thicker, and more durable than regular mylar space blankets
  • Reflects 90% of your body heat back to you to keep you warm.
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum stakes are just what you need to keep the shelter staked down.

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