Readyman Tinder Tin

$8.99 $11.99

The ReadyMan Tinder Tin, an amazing companion to any survival or emergency preparedness gear set! The tin is filled with an amazing proprietary tinder mix known as Fiber Light, which burns 3-7 minutes per pinch, completely out-performing regular sources of tinder like plain wood. 


  • Each Tin packed with Fiber Light
  • Burns 3-7 Minutes per pinch (up to 600% longer, compared to regular wood tinder)
  • Lights easily by a spark from Ferro rod, match, or lighter
  • Light up to 30 fires with 1 tin (depending on skill level)
  • Naturally water-resistant
  • Tin can be used as a signaling device
  • Re-Useable Tin
  • Fiber Light is made in the USA, veteran-owned and operated!


  • Total Weight: 2.5oz to 3.0oz
  • Fiber Light: 1.3oz to 1.6oz

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