Pathfinder Spring Assisted Bottle Hanger


Use this compact yet valuable hanger to remove your bottle from the fire, saving you from the possibility of getting burned. Bottle Hanger is 100% manganese/spring steel, rust-resistant and will maintain elasticity.

Fits the Pathfinder 32oz & 64oz Widemouth Water Bottles, 25oz & 48oz Cups, and Pathfinder Canteen Cooking Sets.

This thing is a luxury item I really like. Good construction. Holds up well. Design is cut like a spring and really lines back up and closes after bending the hoohaa out of it and hanging over heat . Saves time crafting hangers and is lightweight and small enough the trade off is worth it. Wouldn't be a problem to carry two or three of these easily if you needed a to hang a set of cookery. Couple of Y branch and a stick and bam, hanging kitchen set. Definitely recommend

  • Length: 5 7/8"
  • Width: 2" (when closed at widest point)

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