Exotac RipSpool Field Repair Kit - Fishing, Repair Tape, Sail Needle, Firecord


Olive Drab

The RipSPOOL™ is a lightweight complete field repair kit that can also be used for multiple survival and bushcraft tasks which include: first aid, fire starting, fishing and navigation. This is a really innovative & compact product that you can add fishing hooks, weights, and other small items into the housing unit...water tight with a strong outer core to protect what's inside!

Great Features in the RipSpool!

  • High-Strength Synthetic Line: Over 60 feet (18M) of 30lb test synthetic braided line to be used for re-stitching gear, creating tools or as an improvised fishing kit
  • Heavy Duty Repair Tape: Over 50in. (127cm) of repair tape can be used for patching holes, as an improvised bandage, creating bush-crafting tools or even as tinder (yes it's flammable!)
  • #16 Sail Needle: The sail needle is retained by an o-ring in the line spool so it can be used as an improvised awl / thimble. Pull it out, attach thread and reinsert for sewing.
  • Firecord™ Lanyard: The included lanyard has an inner (red) core that can be pulled out and used as tinder. It burns like a candle wick and can be lit with any fire source including ferro rods.

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