Dave Canterbury Signature Survival Card

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Made in the USA! This Signature Card was created with Bushcraft and Survival Expert Dave Canterbury. This survival card is a micro EDC kit that fits in your wallet and/or the smallest pocket in your carry bag.  Knowledge can only get you so far without the tools to use it. That’s why carrying the right gear can be a real life-saver, especially when it fits in your wallet. Grim Survival Cards are conveniently as thin as a credit card, lightweight, durable, reusable, and fit straight into your wallet with your other cards and cash.

  • Made in the USA - this tool was designed, manufactured, and had its materials sourced here in the U.S.A.
  • Credit card sized - under 1mm thick! Sized to fit into a wallet, small tin, or small pocket
  • Stainless steel - highly corrosion-resistant surgical grade hardened stainless steel. Tough and functional.
  • Tool retention system - one side (black) features semi-permanent adhesive allowing tools to be removed and used again and again, then put back. Non-magnetic and non-sticky. The other side (white) has a permanent adhesive allowing you to stick your toolkits to other objects for unparalleled accessibility.
  • Dimensions - 3 3⁄8 × 2 1⁄8 "
  • Items included - Small Lures x2 Large Lure, Lures with Hooks x6, Small Hooks x12, Double Hook x2, Hook Connectors x2, Nested Hooks x4
    Fishing Lures - The Lures, Hooks, And hook links put together included on the Canterbury Signature Card.   20210511_130036.jpg
    Hook Links - Easy On, Easy Off no tie hook and lure clips.  20210511_125802.jpg
    Jig Hooks - Slip some paracord or found materials onto these hooks to complete the lure, and you're ready to go!  20210511_125811.jpg
    No Tie Double Hooks - These specially designed hooks can slip into the lures on this card in just a few seconds, no cordage, or knot tying neccessary.  20210511_125749.jpg
    Hook Assortment - including a range of hooks in various sizes, and shapes.  20210511_125711.jpg
    Small Hooks - Over a dozen small hooks, perfect for pan fish 20210511_125728.jpg

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