Children's Emergency Survival Kit

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BTG Outdoor Gear's Children's Emergency Survival Kit is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 10. The total weight of the kit is 8.2 pounds fully loaded.  All of the components were carefully considered from a child's point of view (weight, comfort, ease of use), while balancing Parents' critical requirements to keep your child healthy, safe, and warm.  Free Shipping!

The Children's Kit contains essential items such as food & water, warmth, rain protection, hygiene, high-quality flashlight, emergency whistle, and first-aid.  During disasters, a Child's mental state of mind must also be considered, which is why we included a number of 'Fun & Calming" items to help your child through challenging times.   

BTG Outdoor Gear appreciates your consideration to support small businesses based in the USA.  We offer our exclusive no-nonsense 60 day return policy meaning if you're not 100% happy, we will pay for the return shipping and issue a full refund.  

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Survival Kit Checklist

Food & Water
3 Days / 72 Hours 
300 Lumen Impact & Water Resistant Flashlight
50" X 60" Fleece Blanket, Body Warmers, Hand Warmers, Poncho
First Aid
37 Piece Kit
Emergency Whistle & Identification Cards
Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Wet Wipes (40 pack)
Candy, Card Game, Activity Book, Crayons


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The BTG Survival Kits are in stock and delivered fully assembled to your door in a matter of days.  BTG has the best emergency survival kit on the market today with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the ONLY no-nonsense 60-day return policy. If you are not happy for any reason, we'll issue a full refund and pay for the return shipping.  

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Children's Survival Backpack  

BTG Children's Survival Pack (Click for Details)

  • Multiple Color Options Available (Multicam, Black, Coyote, & Olive Drab)
  • High-Quality, Modular, Rugged, Comfortable, & Plenty of Room for Additional Customization
  • Bag Size: 9"W x 13"H x 10"D
  • Durable 700 Denier Nylon
  • Padded Shoulder Straps & Sternum Strap
  • 4 Zippered Compartments
  • 2 Elastic Pouches for Water Bottles
  • Hydration Ready Compartment
  • Molle Straps & Velcro for Additional Components

FOOD & WATER (US Coast Guard Approved)

Children's 72 Hour Emergency Food & Water Ration Kit (Click for Details)

  • 8 Water Boxes equaling 1.6 liters of Purified Water 
  • 6 Nutritious Food Ration Bars that Taste Great (400 Calories each)
  • 5 Year Storage Life for Food Ration Bars and Purified Water


The BTG Children's Survival Kit includes a variety of top notch gear to support your child's needs to keep them safe, healthy, and warm during a disaster. 

Contents (Click for Details)


  • Quality 300 Lumen Water & Impact Resistant Flashlight
  • 50" X 60" Warm Fleece Blanket
  • Children's Rain Poncho
  • 2 Large Body Warmers (12 hours of heat)
  • 2 Hand Warmers (12 hours of heat)
  • Coghlan’s Emergency Whistle
  • Self Contained Toothbrush & Toothpaste Package
  • 40 Pack of Wet Wipes
  • 2 Identification Cards with Lamination Sheets

FIRST AID KIT                               

Having a basic and easy to use First Aid Kit is essential for our children. The Children's Emergency Survival Kit comes with a 37 Piece "All-In-One" first aid kit that is easy to open & conveniently located in the top pocket of the emergency backpack.

Children's First Aid Kit (Click for Details)

  • Reusable Case
  • 10 Plastic Bandages (3/4" X 3")
  • 10 Plastic Bandages (3/8" X 1.5")
  • 2 Gauze Pads (2" X 2")
  • 3 Alcohol Cleansing Pads
  • 1 Butterfly Closure
  • 10 Cotton Tips

FUN & CALMING                               

Emergency preparedness can actually be a really fun thing for a child.  Unfortunately, when disasters occur, their mindsets can change quickly to fear.  The products included in our kits below are intended to positively impact your child during a time of uncertainty.

Contents (Click for Details)

  • Bag of Ring Pops (not calming but sure tastes good!)
  • 1 Card Game (either Go-Fish, Crazy 8's, Old Maid, or Hearts) 
  • 49 Page Activity Book
  • 16 Pack of Crayons

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Fast Fulfillment
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