Camp Alert Perimeter Security System

$32.95 $40.00

The camp alert perimeter security and survival signaling system is a complete survival emergency system for hunters, campers, hikers, and fishermen. This system is compact and light weight and works as a perimeter security system that will alert you if anyone or an animal wanders into your camp ground. The alarm module can be used as an audible emergency device to let passers-by know you need help.

Additionally, the alarm module has bright flashing blue leds that can be used as a signaling device at night. It also has a red led flashlight built in for map reading that will not destroy your night vision.

The CAPSS3 kit comes with two apals (all purpose adhesive light strips). the apals have a polished aluminum front that can be used as a small signaling mirror in the daytime.

Made in the USA


• 135 dB Alarm Module with built in red LED flashlight and side Blue LEDs for signaling.
(note: peel off backing with 3M® adhesive for mounting)
• Two 10 Meter coils of monofilament trip line.
• Two Blue APALS® with polished aluminum surface for signaling day or night.
• Two Nylon Zip Ties for securing alarm module to a branch or stake.
• An 8” strip of 100MPH duct tape for multi-purpose use.

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