Are the Survival Kits only for emergency purposes?

  • Not at all! We recommend you know your kits inside and out. Remove the contents, use the products and practice putting it back together so you know where they are located within your packs.  Our packs are commonly used for additional purposes such as camping, hiking, or even range bags.  We wear ours on short or long hikes as well. We encourage you to wear your packs to find the right comfort setting.  Practice making a fire using the tools you have and then repack your survival kit, so you remember exactly where your tools are located and you’re not confused in an emergency situation. 

What is the difference between the Ultimate Large Pack Emergency Survival Kit and the Medium Pack Emergency Survival Kit?

  • The only difference is the size of the physical backpack. The survival gear that is included in the Ultimate Large and Medium Emergency Survival Kits is identical, however the Ultimate Large Emergency Survival Kit is built on a larger 35 liter backpack and the Medium Emergency Survival Kit is built on a slightly smaller 28 liter backpack.  From a backpack dimension perspective, the Large Backpack is 2 inches wider and has a depth that is 2.5 inches deeper.  The Large Pack is 11.5"W x 18"H x 12"D and the Medium Pack is 9.5"W x 18"H x 9.5"D.  So basically it comes down to preference on the amount of gear you want to load into your backpack.  We always say that the Medium Pack is desirable for Men, Women, and Children (age 10+) who want to minimize the overall weight of the backpack when fully loaded with gear.  The more you add to your backpacks, the more weight is going to be strapped to your shoulders and waist.  If your goal is to add additional gear, then you should always default to the Large Backpack. 

Is there a visual comparison of the Large Backpack versus the Medium Backpack?

  • Below are visual estimates based on average sized individuals.
  • The Large Backpack has ample room to further customize your survival kits.  If you are anticipating adding additional gear, please choose the Large Backpack as it provides the most space to accommodate your accessories.


What process was used to determine which items are included in your survival kits?

  • Based on years of survival experience and collaboration from industry and manufacturer experts, we collectively identified gear manufactured by Brands we trust. Quality, functionality and reliability are our key areas of focus.  We do not believe in private labeling gear from China and then calling it survival gear. Those products fail and will not help you in an emergency or rugged survival situation.  We support manufacturers who give back to our Veterans, Active Military and who support our Men and Women in Blue.  That’s our core family values.

Why are your Survival Kits more expensive than some of the others?

  • Our kits are of superior quality and are typically more expensive than cheap knockoffs. In general, emergency preparedness is not an area of life where you want to cut corners. Our number one priority is quality and functionality. We will not produce a kit we wouldn’t use ourselves. Yes, you can buy a preassembled survival kit for less money, and if you’re interested, we would be happy to direct you accordingly. Read their reviews, BBB ratings/complaints, delayed shipments, lack of Customer Service, etc. You can be the judge.

Is there an expiration date on the food and water?

  • Yes, our food and water are manufactured in California and have a 5-year shelf life. These items are US Coast Guard Approved.  Each of our food bars included in our survival kits are nutritious and contain 400 Calories per serving.  Each serving is individually packaged versus a bulk package so you can enjoy each serving without risk of contaminating other food rations.  This is the benefit of smaller, individually packed food rations.

How long can the Emergency Survival Kit sustain one adult?

  • BTG Outdoor Gear's food and water rations within our survival kits can sustain one adult for a period of no less than 72 hours – and more if rationed properly. Due to the quality and durability of the other survival components included in our kits, we know these items can last many years. Each of our kits have a full 2-year warranty.  If anything does not work properly when you need it, we will replace the item on our dime including the shipping.

If I run out of certain items included in my emergency survival kit, can I buy more from BTG?

  • Absolutely! Although we may not have those items for sale on our website, we would be more than happy to provide a quote and supply any items for you to replenish and/or add to your kits.

Can BTG Outdoor Gear design a custom Survival Kit for me?

  • Absolutely – please reach out to us via phone or email and we would be more than happy to help assemble a kit that works for you and your loved ones.

Does BTG Outdoor Gear offer Gift Cards?

  • We do! Our gift cards can be purchased in any denomination and are sent electronically to you after purchase.  They do not expire or reduce in value over time.  Using them is easy as well.  Just enter the gift card information during checkout and the value will automatically be applied to your purchase. If you wish to print and give as a gift but do not have a printer...no worries!  Please notify us via email or phone call and we would be more than happy to print and mail it to you at no extra cost.  To access our gift card page, please click here to be redirected.

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